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The online shop eCommerce offers amazing opportunities to reach new customers, open up new markets and grow your business cost-effectively.

For many businesses, an online shop or eCommerce website is an extension of their existing business into the world of online shopping and capturing new clients. OZWD's professional eCommerce shopping cart also makes sales success much easier. Your online store is open for business 24 /7. Your customers can browse your catalogue of products or services online, purchase them at a time and in a way that is convenient to them.

OzZWD's online shopping cart system - CityStore offers a complete eCommerce solution with a custom design, search engine friendly software and a powerful content management in the backend of your online store allowing you to easily manage products, services, orders and provide your customers with a positive experience of dealing with your business online.

  1. Faster access to funds for you which is direct from the customer to you
  2. A fast and smooth purchasing experience for visitors.
  3. A way to reach a much larger audience for your products. 
  4. Provides more leads, more enquiries and more sales

Software features:

  1. Unlimited store administrators (with configurable permissions).
  2. One click show / hide product price store wide.
  3. One click show hide multiple products or category(s).
  4. Capable of handling unlimited products with multilevel categories.
  5. Unlimited categories nesting
  6. Product can be placed in unlimited categories.
  7. One click delet multiple products / Categories.
  8. Custom or automatic generate product ID.
  9. Hide price on individual product and show price as POA, Phone for Price or any text message.
  10. Manage product options with option prices
  11. Manage product price and description
  12. MS Word alike powerful rich text editor to manage product description or page contents
  13. Manage unlimited images / photos per product.
  14. Upload / manage product images
  15. Automatic image resizing - 3 image sizes for display. Thumbnail image on product categories view, medium image for product details page and product large image popup.
  16. Manage Featured products
  17. Automatic generate invoice / delivery docket.
  18. All orders, customer details, product information, page contents are stored securely in a MySQL database
  19. Cookies to remember customers shopping basket contents upon next visit.
  20. Enabling/disabling sale mode with one click (in eCommerce mod only)
  21. Enabling/disabling online shop inventory stock control
  22. Auto send order confirmation email to customer upon complete of ordering
  23. Auto sends delivery status notification (Automatic emails customer upon delivery status change).
  24. Newsletter subscription and opt out management
  25. Newsletter email marketing system
  26. Record customer ip address for security
  27. Search or list of customers with IP address for security.
  28. Web site traffic statistics within admin, displaying customers / hits / product popularity per month.
  29. Search key word tracking, help you understand your customers’ needs with graphical diagram.
  30. Add current page to browser favourites.
  31. Tell a friend about a particular product.
  32. Pagination to avoid lengthy lists (e.g: << prev 1 2 3 next >>)

Admin CP features:

  1. Password-protected administrative access
  2. Unlimited number of admin accounts
  3. Admin access level control
  4. Manage website content pages
  5. Manage categories, products description, prices, images
  6. Manage store orders
  7. Manage customer details
  8. Modify password for customer and info them by email from admin
  9. Manage store news
  10. Email marketing
  11. Manage newsletter subscription
  12. Manage admin users
  13. View website statistics
  14. One click turn store online / offline with custom message
  15. database backup

Customer front end features:

  1. Product search
  2. Customer registration and login for easy repeat business.
  3. Registered customers can edit account details at any time
  4. Registered customers can view orders history and current order progress
  5. Password retrieve system for registered customer
  6. Cookies to remember customers shopping basket contents upon next visit.
  7. On page product enquiry button
  8. 'Continue shopping' button
  9. 'Clear cart' button
  10. Customers can choose delivery methods

Payment gateways and shipping methods:

  1. Real-time credit card processing via PayPal and / or an Internet Merchant Bank facility
  2. Full list of offline payment methods: bank direct deposit, money order, cheque payment, purchase orders
  3. Multiple shipping methods available
  4. Australia Post – parcel post shipping cost calculations
  5. Shipping by weight or dimension
  6. Free shipping
  7. Shipping according to order value
  8. Shipping by postcode
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