Choosing the right domain name for your business

Every website needs a domain name like www.findadomain.com.au. Your domain is your website address or so call URL (universal resource locator). It is your address on the internet.

It is important to choose the right domain for your business. Should you use your company name for your domain? Maybe, maybe not. These are the Factors to consider:

  • Is it memorable?
  • Easy to spell?
  • How catchy is it?
  • Does it contain keywords that relate to your business?

Pick a catchy memorable name. Would the average person be able to remember just your domain name, without looking through their bookmarks?

Try to make it short and easy to spell. Face it, most people can not spell. Try to target for the masses when you pick your name.

We have a client in the business of furniture retails, their business name is “Oriental Arts and Craft Furniture Town”. it is obvious, the name would be too long for most people to type without making mistake(s). Our suggestion was www.myfurniture.com.au.

Avoid use hyphens. These are easily overlooked or forgotten when people type in your domain. If you use hyphens, then every time you tell someone your domain, you have to say “it’s blah-blah-blah.com.au - with the hyphens”. This is not impressive, and you risk losing traffic to blahblahblah.com.au. You’re asking your potential customers to work harder, to remember tedious details about your name. Simplicity is important, because you want them to find you. You are building a brand here.

Avoid starting your name with THE, or A, if being used as the word A. EXAMPLE asimplehome.com - “a” is likely to be forgotten. While it is true that directory listings usually list alphabetically, search engines do not.

When possible, do try to get the singular and plural versions of your domain. When someone could be easily be mistaken for the other, it helps to be covered this way. You are protecting your brand.

In the end, it is not so much about the name, as it is what you make of it. Just look at all the big successful internet companies out there with strange names! Google!

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