TeaBreak content management system

“ Be Your Own Web Master ”

You could be on your way to owning your own fabulous website and what’s more, have the ability to update content on your site at any time. Say what you want, when you want with the simplicity and time it takes to enjoy a tea break.

It’s As Easy As Taking A Tea Break

You don’t have to be a computer whiz to maintain your website. Even better, you don’t have to hire one. With Tea Break Content Management System, you can now update and publish content on your website during your tea break and save yourself precious Time and Money.

Here’s how the Tea Break Content Management System Works

It’s as straightforward as filling out a simple form. And in a nutshell, that’s what it really is. We’ve created templates that separate the website design from the content itself. So now, you can update information on your website (a simple cut and paste from Word can do the trick) at your own convenience through the use of templates, and TeaBreak Content Management System does all the rest. What’s more, this is done without changing the look and feel of your web design. So you still retain your core business image AND keep your customers updated on a regular basis.

Features and Benifits:

  1. Professionally designed website layout template and search engine friendly software.
  2. Completely browser based user interface.
  3. Anywhere authoring - update access from anywhere using a standard web browser.
  4. Unlimited pages - create as many pages as you need, it's virtually unlimited.
  5. WYSIWYG editing - edit pages using an easy "What You See Is What You Get" editor, similar to MS Word.
  6. File uploads - upload images, PDF quickly and easily with browser based interface.
  7. Advanced HTML - edit tables, use CSS styles, and use many other advanced HTML features easily through our advanced WYSIWYG editor.
  8. Admin Page search - find pages quickly within a large web site using the integrated search function.
  9. Hidden option lets you hide content that's still in progress - then set as live to instantly make it public.
  10. Create unlimited admin user accounts.
  11. News system - add as many news items as you need and keep visitors updated by posting news.
  12. Complete website statistics - shows statistics for everything you could possibly want to know about your site, number of hits, number of unique visitors, keywords searched, referal links, visitors by hour, day, month and more...
  13. Static URL's.- TeaBreak CMS uses clean and static URL's that look like this: http://www.ozwebs.com.au/Content-Management-System/
  14. Search engine friendly links. TeaBreak CMS generates 100% search engine friendly links, meaning that your site gets crawled and indexed in its entirety by Google, Yahoo and all other search engines.
  15. Keyword rich URL's along with static URL's, TeaBreak CMS, allows admin to specify keywords in the URL, increasing your pages relevance to the keywords in the article title.
  16. Keyword rich titles. The title of a HTML page is rated highly for relevance with search terms used on the search engines, in particular Google and Yahoo. You can use specific keywords in title for each and every page of your website content, your keyword density improves dramatically.
  17. Meta keywords and descriptions. TeaBreak CMS gives you the ability to painlessly add meta descriptions and keywords each and every page of your website content.
  18. Sort order for page and news articles. Numerically index and sort both web page contents and news in any way and order you like using the numeric sorting system.
  19. Full control over the website navigation menu – Specify where the menu show, top, left, bottom or any combination.
  20. Navigation button can be used as an external page link.
  21. Google location map – integrated Google map makes it easy for your client/visit to find your location
  22. Smart content searching. Your web site visitors can search your web pages and news with the powerful search function that is built into TeaBreak CMS.
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